Electrical Wiring Accessories

This list of Electrical Wiring Accessories is by no means the definative list of everything available, but aims to make you aware of some of the products which are available but rarely stocked by DIY Superstores or even local Electrical Wholesalers.

The wholesalers whilst not keeping everything in stock will always order parts for you although this may take some time. Don't be put off by the "Trade Only" notices on the door. In my experience, if you know what you want, and have a large bundle of cash, you WILL get served. Anyone wanting to buy £300-00 worth of cable and sockets is welcome, but dont go there to buy a single lightswitch!!
If you feel uneasy about going to a wholesaler, you could always pop to one of those business card machines and print yourself 50 "Joe Bloggs Home Automation Co." cards just to prove you are in the electrical trade :-))

In these lists I have included the most commonly used accessories in addition to the less frequently but possibly more useful items

The items listed are the "standard" white plastic ranges that most people have in their homes. Each of the manufacturers also produce Metalclad, Brass, Chrome, etc. ranges of accessories. Examples of these can be seen on the pages giving details of the manufacturers. If you call them they will be pleased to send you a current catalogue. Unfortunately UK manufacturers are extremely slow to set up websites although at least two of them are in the process of doing so. Most of the above manufacturers also produce a complete range of consumer units, timeswitches, photocells and PIR detectors.

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