Manufacturer GEC
Supplier BT
System Capacity 5+6 upto 5+10 maximum
Feature Phones 8520/8550 Basic LD Terminal (Brown or Stone)
8521/8551 10 Memory LD Terminal (Brown or Stone)
8530 Basic MF Terminal (Brown or Stone)
8560 LD/MF 10 Memory Terminal (Light Grey)
8561 LD/MF 10 Memory Handsfree Terminal (Dark Grey)
Standard Phones LD with Earth Recall via External Extension Adapter ESS10253
Music On Hold Not Supported
Paging Not Supported
Call Logging Not Supported
Caller Display Not Supported
Programming No programming Required
Extension Wiring using Secondary Line Jack (2/3A)
System Colour Socket
xA WHITE/Blue 5
xB BLUE/White 2
xC WHITE/Orange 4
xD ORANGE/White 3
Suitability for Domestic Use
Reliable phone system which is easily available secondhand.
Small wall mounted CCU.
Limited by poor support for standard telephones.
System Options
DPA1210A LD Intercom Card to make system pulse dial
DPA1217A MF Intercom Card to make system tone dial
ESS10253 External Extension Adapter to allow connection of standard telephones.
ESS10255 External Bell Adapter to allow connection of additional bells.

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