Emblem (S2616)

Manufacturer Nitsuko (Japan)
Supplier Originally supplied by BT as S2616 later as Emblem
Also marketed by Plessey as PKS 616
System Capacity 6+16
Feature Phones S2616S (TX22) Standard Terminal with speaker.
S2616LS (TX24) Loudspeaking Terminal with Full Handsfree.
S2616E (TX26) Executive Terminal with Full Handsfree and Display.
Standard Phones Not Supported
Music On Hold Internal and External
Paging 2 Internal Zones + External
Call Logging Required unit no longer available.
Caller Display Not Supported
Programming From Station 10 only.
Extension Wiring using Reversed Line Jack 2/3C (PKS 616 uses RJ11 connectors)
System Colour Socket Function
xA WHITE/Blue 4 Speech +
xB BLUE/White 3 Speech -
xC WHITE/Orange 2 Data +
xD ORANGE/White 5 Data -
Where x is the station number marked on the connection box
Suitability for Domestic Use
Ideal as long as you dont want to connect Fax/Modem or Standard Telephones to the system.
Paging facility is extremely useful.
Extemely Reliable.
Wall Mount CCU approx 16"W x 22"H x 12"D plus connection boxes 24"W x 15"H x 6"D

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