HA Keypads with Infra Red Option

This project is still Under Construction but here is the story so far!

This project is for a range of low voltage keypads suitable for Home Automation. They are designed to fit into standard single or 2 gang boxes of 35 mm depth. Each keypad has several options such as
  • Size of Faceplate
  • Orientation
  • LCD display.
  • Number of Buttons.
  • Layout of Buttons.
  • Number and type of LED's.
  • Infra Red Reciever.
  • Infra Red Blaster.

Prototype Keypad pictured right

Front view
The keypad is controlled by a PIC 16C84 microcontroller which communicates via RS485 with a central controller. It is connected by a single CAT5 cable. For HA systems based around commercial controllers the keypad can be built without the PIC and the buttons and LED's can be interfaced directly to digital inputs and outputs on the host system although this would require a multicore cable containing as many as 36 wires depending on which options were taken.

As you can see from this rear view of the keypad this is definately a prototype!

Rear view

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