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Anyone is welcome to link to this website but I would ask that you only link to the "front door" of the website using the following the URL rather than directly to pages within the site.

Wherever possible the existing site structure will be retained and the majority of updates will be modifications to existing pages or the addition of new pages. From time to time however, it becomes neccessary to remove a page and I would prefer to avoid broken links wherever possible.

After visiting several of the Search Engines on the Internet I have discovered many sites which link to DIY Home Automation for which I am very grateful.

If you are kind enough to link to my website could you please use the following URL with the site name shown as DIY Home Automation.

I would appreciate you sending me an email to so that I can maintain a list of sites linking to mine. If you wish me to link to your website please include details of the URL and Description you would like me to use.

Thank you for visiting

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