Who is the person behind DIY HomeAutomation ?
Keith & Sharon Name : Keith Doxey
Nickname : Krazy Keith
Age : 40
Height : Not enough !
Weight : Too much !
Married : 6 years to Sharon
Children : 3 year old daughter Amber Kate
Occupation : Database Developer at BT Adastral Park
Hobbies : Home Automation, Electronics and Computers
My fascination with anything electrical started when I was about 3 years old. I decided it would be interesting to insert a nail into a power socket (luckily it was the earth terminal!). Seeing this, my grandfather decided it would be much safer if I played with a small electrical set consisting of batteries, torch bulbs and switches instead. During the following years I continued to dismantle all manner of electrical equipment both working and non-working. Suprisingly, most of the equipment still functioned when reassembled despite having a few bits left over !!

After leaving school in 1976 I started an apprenticeship with the Post Office which later became BT (British Telecom). I spent 20 years as a telephone engineer working mostly on Business Telephone Systems. In December 1996 my career changed direction. I still work for BT but I am now employed at BT Adastral Park (was BT Labs) where I am part of a team developing Intranet Database Applications.

My first involvement with computers was a BBC Model B bought in 1985. I now use three of these to control various projects that I have built. It took me 10 years to progress to a PC but I am now creating my own Intranet with Web based Jukebox and Videotape database. I am also designing projects using PIC Microcontrollers. My plan is that one day I will have automated or remote controlled everything and can relax in my armchair and enjoy a good movie.

I got the nickname "Krazy Keith" many years ago when I used to run a Mobile Disco. Having spent 17 years as a DJ I felt it was time for a change and decided to put my experience of Disco Electronics to more use. Now in my spare time I install and maintain Audio, Lighting, Video & Satellite equipment for several local Nightclubs.

I have been involved in the local hospital radio station HOSPITAL RADIO YARE and was the Station Engineer for a local Community Radio Station COASTAL RADIO. We did three 28 day broadcasts in an effort to get a full time station for the Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft area. We now have a full time station for the area but unfortunately the licence was awarded to a rival station.

I first became interested in Home Automation before I knew it was called HA. One of my earliest efforts (about 25 years ago) was using a time clock salvaged from a scrap electric oven to switch my Hifi on every morning. My HA experience really took off when I got onto the Internet and discovered comp.home.automation. I now write a regular column for the American magazine Home Automator which is written entirely by Home Automation enthusiasts.

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