HomeVision Integrated Home Controller

HomeVision X10 modules

These are the X10 addresses currently used in my system. I have tried to use the house code to indicate the area of the house that the module is located in.

Address Module Name Description
Amber's Bedroom    House Code A
A1 LW10U Amber's Light Ceiling mounted 60W lamp
Master Bedroom    House Code B
B1 LM12U Bedroom Lamp 60W desk lamp
Kitchen    House Code K
K1 AM12U Kettle Remote control of electric kettle
K4 AD10 Immersion Heater Immersion heater control
Lounge    House Code L
L IR543 IR Reciever Local control of modules in the room &
Control of HomeVision with OFA remote.
L1 LM12U Keith's Lamp 60W lamp table lamp
L2 LM12U Sharon's Lamp 60W lamp table lamp
L3 AM12U Christmas Lights Main power feed for Christmas Lights
(Lights driven by their own controllers)
L13 Macro Immersion Control IR remote control of Immersion Heater
L14 Macro Kettle Control IR remote control of Electric Kettle

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