HomeVision Integrated Home Controller

HomeVision Variables

These are Varaibles currently configured for my HomeVision controller.
For clarity unused variables are not shown.

Variable Variable Name Description
0 Value Decimal value to be converted by bcd decode macro.
1 Hundreds Hundreds digit from result of bcd decode macro
2 Tens Tens digit from result of bcd decode macro
3 Units Units digit from result of bcd decode macro
4 VFD Data Data for display on VFD display
5 LED Digit 1 Segment data for digit 1 of display
6 LED Digit 2 Segment data for digit 2 of display
7 LED Digit 3 Segment data for digit 3 of display
8 LED Digit 4 Segment data for digit 4 of display
9 decimal digit to be converted to 7 segment data
10 segments converted 7 segment data
11 old second
12 new second
13 Volume Zone1 Stored Volume of Bathroom speakers
14 Volume Zone2 Stored Volume of Kitchen speakers
15 Volume Volume to be set on Digital Volume Control

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