MACRO EVENT # 12  'Set Volume'  Set Volume Levels
This Macro is used to set the volume levels of the DS1802 Digitally controlled volume control. It uses three HomeVision variables called (Volume), (Volume Zone1) and (Volume Zone2) and one digital output line called (DVC Enable). The DS1802 contains seperate data registers for the left and right volume controls. In my particular application I am not implementing a Stereo Balance function as I have never found it neccessary to move my Balance control off centre. Because of this I send the same value twice to set left and right to the same level. Also I have cascaded two DS1802's for a 2 Zone system. By cascading the DS1802's it is possible to control multiple chips using only 3 control line, CLOCK, DATA and ENABLE. The data is clocked through the data registers of all the chips so this macro sends the values for all zones. This macro starts by enabling the serial interface and then passing the required volume levels to the DS1802 Macro. After all the data has been sent the serial interface is disabled which causes the new data to be loaded into the volume controls.
Set output port C-1 (DVC Enable) high
Var #15 (Volume) = var #13 (Volume Zone1)
Do macro #11 (DS1802) once
Do macro #11 (DS1802) once
Var #15 (Volume) = var #14 (Volume Zone2)
Do macro #11 (DS1802) once
Do macro #11 (DS1802) once
Set output port C-1 (DVC Enable) low
Enable DVC serial interface
Get required volume for Zone 1
Set Zone 1 Left Volume
Set Zone 1 Right Volume
Get required volume for Zone 2
Set Zone 2 Left Volume
Set Zone 2 Right Volume
Disable DVC serial interface

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