HomeVision Integrated Home Controller

HomeVision Macros

These are some of the Macros I have written for my HomeVision controller. Although the Macros, Variables and Ports will be different on your system, these will be listed at the beginning of the macro so that you can substitute the appropriate values for your particular system.

Macro Number Macro Name Description
MACRO EVENT # 11 DS1802 Digital Volume Control Driver
MACRO EVENT # 12 Set Volume Set Volume Levels

These listings are offered in good faith and are working on my system although I am unable to guarantee that everything will work exactly as it should on your system as I have no control over whatever else your schedule may be doing. I don't envisage any problems with them but if you have actions which take a long time to complete this could cause problems with some of them. In particular, the Digital Display may occasionally freeze when displaying seconds if the controller is busy doing other things. This is only temporary and the display will immediately revert to the correct display as soon as the controller becomes free to resume its normal processing.

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