HomeVision Integrated Home Controller

Well......Almost a year after seeing the first one in the UK when I visited Mark McCall, I finally took the plunge and invested in a PAL version of the HomeVision Integrated Home Controller from Custom Solutions Inc. in Florida HomeVision Front View
Among the many features of the HomeVision are
  • PAL Video Output
    Displays Menus and Control screens on your TV screen.
  • Two Way Infra-Red
    You can control HomeVision and HomeVision can control all your Audio/Video equipment.
  • Two Way X-10
    Controls and Monitors all X10 modules on all 256 X-10 addresses.
  • 24 Digital Inputs/Outputs
    Provides direct connections to other equipment. Additional expansion cards allow for even more Digital I/O as well as Analogue inputs.
  • Battery Backed Clock
    Controls events based on time, date, sunrise, sunset etc.
  • Two Way Serial Interface
    Provides full control and status reporting via a PC. Runs programs to add voice recognition, voice response, and many other features!
HomeVision Rear View HomeVision is a standalone controller which is initially configured via a PC. The PC can then be disconnected and HomeVision will run unattended or you can leave the PC running to take advantage of the enhanced features a PC provides.
It will be a while before I start using the HomeVision to anything near its full potential for several reasons.
  1. Finding the time to do everything is virtually impossible!!!
  2. I hope to be moving house during the next year and so will be restricting any Home Automation activities to items which can easily be restored to "normal."
  3. I want to fully explore the features and capabilities of the HomeVision before I install it properly. I feel that the Digital I/O ports will be one of the more heavily used features due to the high cost and limited availability of suitable X-10 modules here in the UK.
One of HomeVisions many features is it's X-10 capabilities. At this moment in time my entire compliment of X-10 modules is limited to
  • 3 UK Lamp Modules
  • 3 UK Appliance Modules
  • 1 UK Wall Switch
  • 1 DIN Rail Appliance Module
  • 1 IR543 Infra Red Remote Controller
  • 1 CM12U ActiveHome Computer Interface
  • 1 TW523 Two Way Powerline Interface
  • 6 US modules awaiting conversion to 230V
HomeVision Internal View
Until I have got the HomeVision configured just the way I want it, my CM12U and IR543 will provide me with enough control of my X-10 modules, but when I eventually move house the HomeVision will be pressed into full service !!!

Details of some parts of my HomeVision schedule are now available to view with a fully commented description of what they do.

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