My Home Automation System
My Home Automation system is still very much in its infancy. Consisting at the moment of some "Fully Automated" and "Semi Automated" Lighting.

The "Fully Automated" lighting is my outdoor security lights which are controlled by a photocell which switches them on at dusk and off at dawn. The only manual control I have of the outside lights is a switch to turn them OFF. (Mainly as a safety feature whilst replacing the lamps) The lights are low energy flourescent fittings which have the advantage of

  • High Light Output
  • Long Lamplife
  • Low Running Costs.

The "Semi Automated" lighting is currently nothing more than an X-10 IR 543 Infra Red Controller driven by a "One 4 All 6" remote control. I have several Lamp Modules and Appliance Modules. I use the Lamp modules to control the table lamps in my lounge, and an Appliance Module is used to turn the baby monitor on and off.

I now have a CM12U controller which allows me to pre-programme events so that when I stumble out of bed and make my way downstairs the coffee is ready to drink. When time permits I will get the CM12U doing lots more things. It will be used to control the Christmas Lights around the house.

My plans for the future are for a hybrid system using X-10 for portable appliances such as the kettle, table lamps etc, with a dedicated hardwired system for the fixed lighting in the house.

I also plan to install Whole House Audio & Video with full Infra Red control. I already have Video & Satellite distributed around the house via an RF distribution system but this lacks remote control and also suffers co-channel interference at certain times of the year. Once the Whole House system is installed all signals will be distributed as Video Baseband giving much improved quality.

Much of the system will be homebuilt so keep an eye on the Projects Area for details of modules I have built.

I have just purchased a HomeVision Integrated Home Controller and over the next few months will be exploring its features in great depth.

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