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Over the last few years there have been a number of Home Automation type projects published in the popular electronics magazines. Having scanned through all my magazines I have compiled a list of features and projects which may be of interest to others. At first glance some of these projects may seem to have little relevance to Home Automation but they have been included because I feel that some aspect of the project shows either interesting interfacing or design techniques or has PC software which gives examples of using the serial and parallel ports on the PC.

Please Note: I am in no way connected with any of the magazine articles listed and I am unable to provide photocopies of articles or technical advice in relation to the articles. This is purely a list compiled from the magazines in my own personal collection. Publishers details are listed at the bottom of the listings pages.

It is possible to get re-prints from the publishers but it may not be quite that easy to build all the projects. Some of the older designs may use chips which are no longer available or are very difficult to obtain. In the case of micro-processor controlled projects in may prove extremely difficult to track down the author for copies of the software. This is not meant to put you off, but merely to point out some of the possible pitfalls. The projects do however offer an insight into different ways of building Home Automation equipment and I tend to "Mix n Match" different pieces of circuitry for my own purposes. In the case of the micro-processor controlled projects, the interface circuitry could of course be connected to a dedicated PC or other dedicated controller which you use for your HA system.

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