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This area of my website is dedicated to the design and construction of projects and modules specifically aimed at Home Automation, Communications and Home Entertainment. Most of these projects will be powered either directly or indirectly from the 230 volt mains power supply.
It cannot be stressed highly enough that SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT.
These projects should NOT be attempted by beginners but by experienced constructors with a sound knowledge of electrical safety. Electricity is perfectly safe when treated with respect but in the hands of someone who doesn't understand the dangers can be FATAL.

Whilst every care has been taken in the construction of this website, the views and ideas expressed herein are those of the author and acknowledged contributors. No responsibility can be taken for any errors or ommisions, or any consequences arising from such.

These projects are intended as "Building Blocks" for you to build your own customised Home Automation/Entertainment system. Where possible I will endeavour to provide support to constructors who run into difficulties with the modules. If you have any ideas for improving any of the designs or have ideas for new modules, feel free to e-mail me.

Circuit diagrams and PCB layouts for the projects contained on these pages are in GIF format and may take several seconds to load. The component lists include the Stock Codes for Maplin Electronics because I have found them to provide excellent service in the 22 years that I have used them as my primary supplier of components.
Where the part is not available from Maplin an alternative supplier is listed.

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