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  • All information contained within this website is given in good faith and to the best of my knowledge was correct at the time of writing.

  • Information relating to Mains Electricity is based upon 230V 50Hz as supplied in the UK and should be checked for total compliance with the current I.E.E. Regulations (or local electricity codes in other areas).

  • Projects contained within these pages are based upon component manufacturers datasheets or are my own designs which may have been inspired by either commercially available products or magazine projects. Where appropriate due recognition has been given to the original authors.

  • It is my intention to make Printed Circuit Boards available for some of the projects and possibly even complete kits (excluding cases and power supplies), however as I have no control whatsoever over how my designs are constructed or used, I will not accept any liability for any Injury, Damage, or other occurence however caused.

  • All designs published on these pages have been built and tested on a variety of equipment available to me but I am unable to guarantee that all designs will work satisfactorally in every instance. I will attempt to provide assistance to remedy the situation where possible.

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