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DIY HomeAutomation started life as my own personal Home Automation project but after several years exchanging ideas with other people around the world it has progressed further than I ever imagined. I am now in the final stages of designing and marketing some UK specific Home Automation equipment.

Some of the Home Automation equipment I have designed will be available as finished "Plug & Play" modules that can be used as they are simply by connecting them up to your existing equipment. Having said that, due to the fact that this is DIY Home Automation and the whole idea behind the project is to enable people to have a totally custom system for a mass produced price, some of the designs will require a basic understanding of electronics or programming in addition to requiring soldering and general DIY construction skills

I have attempted to make the designs as easy to use as possible and to incorporate as many features that I felt were desirable. If you have any comments on any of the designs (critical or otherwise) or would like to see other features then please contact me directly.

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